Ways to Advertise

Interested in Advertising to Members of HighriseSocial.com?


HighriseSocial.com Lifestyle Directory provides a new avenue for your local, regional, and national goods and services business to reach your qualified target market when they are seeking to make a purchase or seeking information regarding a purchase.


HighriseSocial.com also enables your business to reach your target demographic through carefully seen, yet tasteful advertisements calling attention to your brand.

2 Way to Advertise on HighriseSocial.com

1. Get listed in our Exclusive Directory (limited listings)

    •  Choose which building directories to be listed in
    •  Choose your category(s)
    •  Create your Business Profile with Phone Number, Email Address, Website, and Image/Video Promotions to make it easy and compelling for users to purchase from you

2.  Get listed in our Directory  +  Advertise on our Website 

     •  After creating your directory listing
     •  Choose Your Building(s),
     •  Type of Ad, Website Section and Location, Demographics, and Duration

How to get started

Step 1: Register as an advertiser

Step 2: Call to discuss your advertising objectives at (312) 450-0505 or schedule a call at advertising@highrisesocial.com

Once Your Advertising Account is Approved:

Step 3: Log in, create your directory listing, website campaigns, and website ads

Step 4: Drive targeted traffic looking to make a purchase to your website

How to Inquire:

Phone Inquiry: (312) 450-0505

Email Inquiry: advertising@highrisesocial.com